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Caritas EHED - Batticaloa/Kalmunai
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Caritas EHED is the social arm of the Catholic Diocese of Batticaloa, and is affiliated to Caritas Sri Lanka and Caritas Internationalis


The Country representative of DIAKONIA  -Sweden  to Sri Lanka visits Caritas EHED, Batticaloa


The Country representative of DIAKONIA  ofSweden  to Sri Lanka, Madam Annette paid a visit to Caritas EHED, Batticaloa on 9th of June 2016 for monitoring and Evaluation of the activities implemented by Caritas EHED, Batticaloa in Manmunai West (Vavunativu) D.S.Divisionand funded by Diakonia. Madam Annette,  travelled from Thailand to Sri Lanka and was accompanied by Mr. Frank Stephan the Director of Diakonia and Mr.Murugavel the project Manager of Diakonia in Sri Lanka. On the same day the visiting team paid their visit to one of the villages in this D.S.Division, namely Mullamunai and interviewed some of the right holders(beneficiaries)and feedbacks were obtained from them with regard to their present needs, income generating activities and livelihood support. They also visited the locations of a home garden, a cement block and concrete post making workshop,a rice mill and had discussions with the right holders (beneficiaries) with regard to their income and expenditure. At the end of the day these information were shared and discussed with the Director and the management staff of Caritas EHED,Batticaloa and further information and feedbacks were obtained which is important in all monitoring and evaluation visits. The visit came to an endafter the discussion.

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